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The aim of the Australian Karen Foundation is to educate and train Karen refugees.  Our focus of empowerment is the Karen people (of Burma) living in refugee camps on the Thai Burma border and the resettled Karen community in Australia.  Projects have evolved from grass-roots involvement with Karen communities to advance key education and training targets for young people.

AKF has a creative approach to organisation combining the efforts of Australians with the Karen living in this country, working together with the focus on education:

  • to improve the lives of their people who struggle to survive as refugees
  • to develop the capacity of Karen young people in Australia


July 2015

President Ron Browning has written a new book.

The Apocalyptic Heart

The Book of Revelation in an unjust world

268 pages


 Is the Book of Revelation the biblical book for the twentieth-first century due to the growing interest in apocalyptic? A fresh approach is needed to help access its symbolic mysteries. The Apocalyptic Heart takes its inspiration from the lived faith of refugee communities and the Orthodox Church and makes Revelationís message of victory and the restoration of justice vital for today.

 To buy this book go to: www.morningstarpublishing.net.au




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