Thai-Burma Border Projects

Below: Map of the Thai-Burma Border

Thai-Burma Border Map  

 Learning Centre in Mae La Camp

Mae La refugee camp currently houses 50,000 refugees, with more arriving each week from Burma. The Learning Centre gives young refugees, with a limited education, the opportunity to prepare for a brighter future. Mae La is the largest refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border, and the Learning Centre provides English classes, computer training and personal development enhancing art and drama workshops for post year 10 students.

Art workshop - The Village in my Body

Art workshop - "The Village in My Body"

There are 5 teaching staff and 2 administration and finance support staff, managed by the ALCC committee. 

Top: ALCC Sign, Bottom: ALCC Staff & Students


ALCC Students and Staff

AKF's supporters provided funding for the operation of the school covering staff salaries, building construction, purchasing computers and other equipment and educational material. The centre is expanding and offers evening classes. The schools computers are in heavy demand by the students and the community. If you would like to support the development of the school please contact us.

Left: The ALCC Computer Room, Right: Joan, the School Patron

 Computer Room        Joan, the ALCC School Principal

Since 2008 John Bolton and Lindy Marlow have introduced drama to ALCC students. Stuents receive drama training including juggling lessons in preparation of Shakespeare's The Tempest.     

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