AKF facilitates leadership training both in Victoria and on the Thai-Burma border.

In 2010, 2012 and 2014 AKF facilitated a program of leadership training for 20-30 year olds taking place in Thailand.

12 Australian-based Karen and 12 Karen from the Thai-Burma border came together in Thailand for 16 days during which time.
  • they learnt together about Karen border organisations
  • they lived together as a learning community in human rights
  • they created solidarity between them for peace-building

The next Young Adult Leadership Project is planned for  June/July 2016.         

Can you help us make the Karen dream of enabling young people develop leadership for their future come true?
Can you donate to this unique, creative  project. Some funds are already secured for the next program in 2016. 
AKF is presently seeking to raise $10,000 from individual donations….. You can receive  a tax deductible receipt for your donation.  Please contact Andrew Flint (aflint@alphagreen.com.au)

Participants experience

      Young Adult leadershop program   


Firm friendships were also formed within and between members of the groups, creating a sense of a trans-national identity. Electronic communication was maintained between border and Australian participants after the training

             - from the professional evaluation



Participants from previous projects  project share their stories of hope for the future within the context of struggle.

A Thai Burma border participant wrote:

My name is Htoo Eh. I was so pleased to learn increased skills in organising and facilitating groups to benefit our work on the border and in Burma. Our analytical skills got better and I now understand about strategic planning in community work.

What really inspired me was hearing of the challenges of being a refugee in Australia... They have not abandoned our people but are returning to offer support... This makes me happy.

One of the workshop facilitators spoke of the power of the interaction between the two groups:

The learning that occurred went two ways.  Activism was demonstrated by the border group in their day-to-day involvement in organizations working for their people, often involving great personal risk.  The growing depth of understanding of this work amongst the Australian group resulted in an increase in their own activism on return to Australia and an ongoing commitment to the leadership program.


Leadership Training is key to growing healthy communities

for refugee people.  

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